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John has been adored by fans.

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VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! Official from, the dream reunion is finally happening!!! That's right, all 3 Taylors- John, Andy, and Roger -have joined up with Simon and Nick to create more magic. They suggest a new CD in the works for some time in 2002, but by the Duran calendar, that means we can expect a release in fall of 2003 (purely speculation on my part, due to the delays in the recent past). If you're wondering what will happen with Warren, he has joined back up with Missing Persons. As this big news comes in, I will be sure to keep you updated!!!

On 6-25-2000, I added a frames version to my site. YAY! It hasn't changed much, but now you can access any part of the website from the top frame. For those of you without frames capable browsers, the site is still intact and you probably don't notice any differences. HOWEVER... I did notice that my counter actually got high enough that it rolled over!! AND, with the switching around of file names, it is back at the beginning. Although, I believe it had been up to at least 20,000 before, so i am very excited to see that many hits. Please watch this page, as I am trying to learn some new coding and want to implement it to present the pictures of our favorite man. :)

On 6-24-2000, I added a more complete discography and MANY more clips to the page of audio. It consists of what I suppose is his growing discography. There are mp3 clips of some of my favorite tracks and a couple full length songs in Real Audio (since the quality is not nearly as good as mp3).

I'd also like to wish John a belated happy 40th birthday! For those who forgot or don't know, the date to remember is June 20, 1960.

John Taylor, formerly the bassist of Duran Duran, announced to fans during his acoustic performance at the DuranCon 97 (January of 1997) that he had decided to leave Duran to pursue his solo career. He has his own studio, B5 Records. The web site for it is

Now you can hear what he's been doing lately! For ALL of you who are new to the internet, and want to know how John has been keeping busy!

John? Normal? Do these words go together? You be the judge!

John says that change is good... But hair?!

How many hats can he afford?!

Don't tell me you've never drooled before!

Wanna SMILE???

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